Facebook for Android starts showing hints for a dark mode

Facebook for Android starts showing hints for a dark mode

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Different users prefer dark modes for different reasons; some want it for because apps with darker backgrounds are easier on the eyes, some prefer the elegant aesthetics, while others just love to extend their smartphones’ battery backup. Increasing demand for dark modes and the economization of AMOLED displays has persuaded developers to include a native dark mode/theme in their apps. Google, Microsoft, Twitter are among the big names which have been investing their time incorporating dark modes into their apps on Android. In the meantime, Facebook is also reportedly working on a dark mode to the Facebook app on Android.

Engineer, Jane Manchun Wong, known for reverse engineering apps to discover upcoming features in popular apps much before their actual release, recently found out a half-baked Dark mode in the Facebook app on Android. According to Wong, the feature is in “early stages of development” and we only see certain elements donning the dark theme.

From among the parts of the Facebook app that have been revamped with the dark mode, most show dark text on a dark background while some other have light text on a light background, which illustrates that a working version may not be available to users anytime soon. Wong does remark that the Groups tab appears to be done better than the other at the moment.

The development comes after Facebook rolled out a dark mode for the Messenger apps last year. We’ve been hearing about a dark mode under consideration for WhatsApp too whereas the Watch tab on the Facebook app as well on the web already has the option for a dark gray theme. It’ll be interesting to see how the app-wide dark mode pans out for the Facebook app, especially since the redesigned version of the app announced at F8 Conference earlier this year is yet to be available to all users.

Source: Jane Manchun Wong