Facebook for Android tests image editing suggestions like Google Photos

Facebook for Android tests image editing suggestions like Google Photos

Google Photos is inarguably one of the finest Google apps on Android. The app packs in plenty of useful features like unlimited photo backups, Google Assistant integration, and a host of AI-powered features to enhance the user experience. Among these is a feature that automatically suggests edits for your photos, helping you enhance them with just a tap. The feature was released way back in 2018 and now, it seems like Facebook is adding a similar feature to its app on Android.

As per a recent tweet from renowned tipster of unreleased features Jane Manchun Wong (@wongmjane), the upcoming feature will automatically suggest edits for photos that you post using the Facebook app on Android. As seen in the attached screenshot, the suggestions will appear in the bottom left corner of the image you’re posting on the platform and they will allow you to quickly crop or adjust the lighting of the image before posting. As of now, there’s no word from Facebook regarding this feature and the company has revealed no release timeline for it.

It’s worth noting that Facebook is also testing a tabbed News Feed feature that was first spotted earlier this month. The feature aims to make exploring your News Feed a more comfortable experience, with options to sort all posts based on Most Recent, Most Relevant, and Already Seen. Much like the image editing suggestions, this feature is also not live on the Facebook app yet and it’s currently being tested internally.

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