Get Rid of Your Slow Facebook Client with Facebook Browser

Get Rid of Your Slow Facebook Client with Facebook Browser

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Over the past several years, social networks have quickly become a part of our lives. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ are the biggest examples of the social networks that we see across the Web. No matter the type or our language of choice, we use them everyday to communicate with our friends or simply to catch up with all the news.

Almost every social media site has its own Android application. They look different, but there are a few things in common. They often are very big, bloated, and use lots of device resources. One of examples is Facebook, whose mobile version is a battery hog and requires a fast device to work decently. However, the web version is much faster and works like a charm even on older devices. XDA Senior Member cixty decided to combine WebView with an application, and this is how Facebook Browser was born. This application is a simple browser that gives instant access to your Facebook account. This application doesn’t require other browsers to work.

There are two versions of the application. One with an action bar, and second without. If your device has softkeys only, the version with action bar should be your choice.

Are you tired of slow Facebook application? Does it use too many permissions and does it drain your battery? Try a lightweight alternative by visiting the Facebook Browser application thread.