Facebook will roll out a new way to connect with Community Chats

Facebook will roll out a new way to connect with Community Chats

Facebook will begin testing its Community Chats feature in Messenger, allowing users to create a Facebook Group and then have conversations using chat, video, and audio channels. Furthermore, there will be the added convenience of being able to invite people to the community through the Messenger app.

According to Facebook, Community Chats will allow users to connect in a different way. By discussing topics in real-time using text, audio, and video, community members can have deeper conversations that would otherwise maybe not occur with just simple messages. Community Chats will seamlessly allow people from Messenger and Facebook Groups to gather together to have a discussion without waiting. Furthermore, the admin for the Community Chat will have the ability to organize chats into different categories to allow users to find the topic that is right for them.


Community Chats with Facebook

In addition to the new feature, Facebook has also rolled out a new set of tools to keep the community safe. Admins will be able to manage chats and other experiences. If there is a problem in the Community Chats, an admin will have the ability to block, mute, or even suspend a community member. If things go too far, the admin can even have the offending member removed from a Community Chat or Group. Admins will also be able to set criteria, so if they are not on when something happens, the rules will still be enforced, doing what’s necessary to keep the community balanced. Community Chat members will also be able to report members that violate the rules to admins and directly to Meta.

This seems like an interesting feature that will bring more activity to the Facebook platform. While the company is announcing this new feature, it will not be rolling out for another few weeks. Regardless, a new way to connect will certainly revitalize Facebook Groups and also the Messenger community, as there has been stiff competition in this space from others.

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