Facebook Fixes Battery Draining Bug In The Messenger App

Facebook Fixes Battery Draining Bug In The Messenger App

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For the past couple of weeks, many users were complaining about rapid battery drain on their smartphones. People began to notice that the Facebook Messenger application was suddenly populating the top spot on their battery history page. Thus, people began to speculate that perhaps the latest version of the popular instant messaging application introduced a serious battery draining bug of some kind. Thankfully, it looks like Facebook has already identified and resolved this issue with its Messenger service.

Yesterday, Facebook’s Vice President of Messaging Products, David Marcus, took to Twitter and acknowledged that the company was aware of the bug and that it is now fixed. As for what was causing the problem, Mr. Marcus stated that the issue was server-side, adding that it has now been isolated and fixed by the Facebook team. Mr. Marcus also advised users to restart the Facebook Messenger application in order to completely resolve the issue.

If you’re a Facebook Messenger user and noticed that your battery was draining very quickly these past couple of weeks, then you were most likely affected by this bug. But as acknowledged by Facebook, the issue is now fixed on their end so you should no longer experience any excessive battery drainage from using their application. 

Source: @DavidMarcus