Screenshots reveal Facebook for Android’s dark mode, COVID-19 tracker, and more

Screenshots reveal Facebook for Android’s dark mode, COVID-19 tracker, and more

While many popular apps already have dark modes, Facebook has been taking its sweet time. The company rolled out dark mode for Instagram, Messenger, Facebook Lite, and WhatsApp, but the main Facebook app is still waiting. It’s not that Facebook hasn’t been working on it, we’ve seen hints of it going all the way back to August 2019. New screenshots reveal further progress and some other interesting features.

We’ll start with the long-awaited dark mode. The screenshots below show dark mode in the stable Facebook app for Android. It will feature a manual toggle and the ability to use Android 10’s system setting. The dark mode implementation is similar to others we’ve seen, opting for a dark gray instead of pure black. Blue highlights and colorful reactions are still present. It does appear to be mostly finished, but there’s no word on a timeline.


Next up is a built-in tracker for local COVID-19 cases in the Facebook app. The screenshot below shows an example of Seattle, WA total cases over 3 weeks. You can also view county cases by a span of 7 days. At the top of the page, there is a count for global confirmed cases. This is a handy resource for anyone who’s keeping tabs on the virus in their area.

Lastly, Facebook’s own digital wellbeing feature, “Time on Facebook,” appears to be getting a redesign. This feature gives people tools to see how much time they are spending on the service. The new UI utilizes a grid layout for the different sections. The actual features appear to be exactly the same, though the “Quiet Mode” name is new.

As mentioned, there’s no timeline for when any of these changes will roll out. The COVID-19 tracker seems to suggest we should be seeing some of this sooner than later. Facebook has been slow to bring dark mode to its main app, so we anxiously await the update.

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