Facebook Gaming launches as a dedicated app to watch and share live gameplay

Facebook Gaming launches as a dedicated app to watch and share live gameplay

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Over the last couple of years, game streaming services like Twitch have seen a steep rise in popularity. This has prompted several industry leaders, like Microsoft and Google, to launch their own streaming services. Facebook also jumped on the streaming bandwagon back in 2018 with the launch of Facebook Gaming, which allowed users to stream their gameplay on the platform. Since its inception, Facebook Gaming has grown at a steady pace and, while it still may not be as popular as Twitch or YouTube, it has managed to poach quite a few popular streamers away from these platforms. Now, in a bid to further capitalize on the recent growth in viewership, Facebook has launched a dedicated Facebook Gaming app on Android.

Facebook Gaming

The dedicated Facebook Gaming app has been in testing in some Latin American and Asian countries for several months now. However, news regarding the global launch of the Facebook Gaming app surfaced online yesterday when a report from The New York Times claimed that the app will launch on April 20th. As expected, the app is now available broadly on the Google Play Store and users can download it to watch and share live gameplay using just their smartphones. The app’s ability to help users share their gameplay right from their smartphones is what’s expected to give it an edge over competitors like Twitch, which require a complex setup to stream mobile games on the platform.

You can sign up for the Facebook Gaming service using your Facebook account and start streaming on the platform right away. In case you’re not looking to start your streaming career anytime soon, you can also just use the app to watch other streamers. Additionally, the app also includes support for instant games that you can enjoy without downloading them onto your device first. To make streaming and watching games a more social experience on the Facebook Gaming app, the company has also included a Connect feature that you can use to join existing gaming groups and connect with other users on the platform. As of now, the Facebook Gaming app is only available on Android, but the company plans to release the app on iOS once it receives approval from Apple.