Facebook launches a tool to let you easily hide old embarrassing posts

Most of us have probably had our Facebook accounts for several years. It’s probably the place where some of us, counting myself as well, have spent our teenage years. But most importantly, though, we have all changed radically since we first opened our account. And everything we posted back then might seem highly embarrassing by now. The “memories” feature of Facebook has only made this worse: while it can bring back nice memories of your past, it also reminds you of the existence of these embarrassing posts. You’re able to delete them but it’s a chore. Facebook wants to make it easier, though.

A new tool called “Manage Activity” can help you manage these old, embarrassing posts more quickly and more efficiently. It introduces both an “Archive” feature that helps you hide, but not completely delete, these posts (exactly like the Archive feature on Instagram), and a “Trash” feature which allows you to throw posts to the “trash”: they will stay there for 30 days and if you don’t want to bring them back in that timeframe, they will be completely deleted. You can also manage these posts in bulk and filter them by date, or posts with specific people, so that you don’t have to look through all your 2010 posts and delete them one by one.

This feature is not rolling out yet, but according to Facebook, it will be rolling out first to mobile devices, and it will become available on the web version in the future. It is even making its way to Facebook Lite, Facebook’s lightweight app, as well in the long run. Facebook also says that they will continue building new functionality into the feature so that you can manage your personal identity online a little better.

If you’re interested in editing your profile so it accurately reflects who you are today, this might be the tool for you.

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