Facebook Messenger Lite Launches in More Countries – US, Canada, Ireland, UK and More

Facebook Messenger Lite Launches in More Countries – US, Canada, Ireland, UK and More

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Originally launched as an alternative to the Facebook Messenger application, Facebook Messenger Lite’s goal was to provide a good Messenger experience to those with cheaper phones or poorer quality internet. It originally launched in five countries, Kenya, Tunisia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Venezuela, in October 2016. It has now expanded to over one hundred countries.

Messenger Lite is marketed as a lightweight alternative application to those seeking to save storage space, processing power or mobile data. Compared to the real Facebook Messenger, the application is definitely quite barebones in features. Lacking chat heads, video calling and games it is definitely not a viable alternative for some. These are deemed the “core features” of Facebook messaging.

The application has 50+ million downloads currently, showing that it has been a hit in the countries it launched. Clicking in at a 5mb download, it’s no wonder it’s been a hit in countries with lower data caps. The download size alone shows the commitment to keeping the app’s footprint low.

But Messenger Lite isn’t the only lite application made by Facebook, there’s also the Facebook Lite app which is the same concept but applied to the main application. With news feed and notifications support, that’s about all that comes with it. There is no 360 degree video, events or stories. It is again a lightweight alternative, in processing, storage speed and mobile data usage. Facebook Lite sounds like a pretty great alternative, but has not expanded anywhere near as much as Messenger Lite.

Via: The Verge