Facebook Messenger Platform Updated to v2.2 With New Customer Chat and Improved Engagement Tools

Facebook Messenger Platform Updated to v2.2 With New Customer Chat and Improved Engagement Tools

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Facebook Messenger is one of the most popular messaging services in the world and today, they have updated the developer platform for the service to version 2.2. Since their v2.1 update, the team has continued listening to the needs of developers and have been working to expand the toolset provided to them. With this update to version 2.2, the Facebook Messenger Platform adds a new customer chat feature and improves upon the engagement tools that the service is known for.

While most of the people using Facebook Messenger think about the frontend version of the service, the folks at Facebook have been working to improve the user experience for developers when dealing with the backend of things. We talked about the recent update to version 2.1 back in July when Facebook added built-in natural language processing to the platform. Today, they’re focusing on user engagement for businesses by adding in a new customer chat feature and improving some engagement tools that are available.

Today marks the release of a closed beta of a feature that Facebook is calling the Customer Chat Plugin. The goal here is to allow businesses to talk to their customers directly on their website and in Messenger (either on web, mobile or tablet). The conversation can transition across all available platforms seamlessly without losing the conversation’s history and context. This new feature even supports current platform capabilities such as payments, NLP, rich media and more.

Facebook Messenger Platform Chat Plugin

As mentioned, this is currently in beta with about a dozen companies having access. Other developers can also apply to join the waitlist at any time. The team is also releasing new and improved engagement tools like allowing businesses to attach a CTA button when sending videos, images and gifs, or when sharing content. The Broadcast API is now in open beta so businesses with the pages_messaging_subscriptions permission have the ability to send messages to multiple subscribers with a single API request. There’s also a new Page-level feedback feature that makes it easier for businesses to view people’s feedback so they can iterate and improve upon their Messenger experience.

To get started with Facebook Messenger Platform 2.2, head on over to Facebook’s Developer Documentation.