Facebook Messenger is getting redesigned soon, and it’ll have a dark theme

Facebook Messenger is getting redesigned soon, and it’ll have a dark theme

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Despite recent privacy concerns of Facebook, both the main application and Messenger are still incredibly popular. But despite the popularity of these apps, they’ve gained a reputation for wreaking havoc on battery life and RAM usage, partly because they are overloaded with too many features and gimmicks like stories, AR filters, recommendations, and more. Recently, Facebook executives recognized that Messenger had become too bloated, and promised that a simplified experience would be coming very soon.

Following on their word, CEO Mark Zuckerberg, during Facebook’s F8 conference, announced that a simplified Facebook Messenger redesign would be coming very soon. The new interface—which was only shown off on its iOS variant—looks a lot more streamlined than the current version. While it maintains most features like the heavily criticized Messenger Day, it supposedly organizes features better. The app’s interface has been simplified to 3 tabs, and the actual chat screen has been uncluttered and cleaner. Facebook Messenger now looks a lot more like a simple chat application without sacrificing much functionality.

Among other things, the app is set to receive a dark mode which is appreciated since it’s easy on the eyes. Unfortunately, the redesign will not be rolling out to iOS or Android devices now, but it has been promised to come very soon. So, if you’re a Messenger user, you should be looking forward to the rollout of this redesign. As is the norm, we’ll probably see a staged rollout of the app over the course of this month, though you’ll easily be able to sideload the latest APK once it’s available.

Facebook Messenger Dark Theme

Via: The Verge