Facebook Messenger can now do screen sharing on mobile

Facebook Messenger can now do screen sharing on mobile

The ability to share your screen is an essential feature in video conferencing apps. However, we don’t see it as often in personal video calling apps. Facebook has been updating its Messenger video calling services in recent months and now they are adding screen sharing to the mix.

Facebook Messenger on the desktop has had the ability to share screens for a while, but now it’s being brought over to the mobile apps for all users after being in beta testing for a few months. The feature is available for one-on-one video calls and in group calls with up to 8 people or 16 people in Rooms. Facebook is also making screen sharing available in Rooms on the desktop.


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Screen sharing in Facebook Messenger works pretty much how you’d expect. Simply swipe up in a call to reveal the “share your screen” option. There will be a couple of confirmations to make sure you really want to start sharing your screen. Once started, you will be broadcasting a live view of your phone’s screen.

Screen sharing can be useful in non-work related video calls for a number of reasons. You could open your camera roll and show off recent photos. Share a recipe on a website and cook together while chatting. Maybe someone needs technical help with something and seeing their screen makes it easier to explain what to do.

Facebook says screen sharing is rolling out globally in the latest version of Messenger for Android and iOS.

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