Facebook’s Find Wi-Fi Helps You Find Wi-Fi Access Points Across the Globe

Facebook’s Find Wi-Fi Helps You Find Wi-Fi Access Points Across the Globe

If you’ve ever been in a situation where you needed Internet access but had a weak data signal on your phone and/or didn’t know where to go for a Wi-Fi hotspot, then you’ll be happy to hear that Facebook is rolling out a new feature today that should be quite useful in these situations.

The new feature is called, “Find Wi-Fi”, and it works just like you’d expect. Built directly into the Facebook app itself, Find Wi-Fi shows a map of your surrounding area and which establishments have Wi-Fi hotspots or routers that you can connect to for free Internet access.

To access Find Wi-Fi within the Facebook app, simply tap on the “More” tab and then the option titled “Find Wi-Fi.” From here, you can choose to view the hotspots near you in a map or list setup, and then get directions to that business so you know exactly where to go.

Facebook pulls this data from information that businesses have shared on their Facebook pages, and it’s something that we can see being quite handy for those with weak cell reception in their area or for when you’re out traveling.

Find Wi-Fi was initially made available last year for a few countries across the globe, and we’re excited to see that the service was popular enough for a global release. The new feature is rolling out now to the Facebook app on both Android and iOS, so be sure to check the app to see if you’ve received it yet.

Source: Facebook

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