Fairphone 2 is the first and only Snapdragon 801 phone to get Android Nougat

Fairphone 2 is the first and only Snapdragon 801 phone to get Android Nougat

Android Nougat is not the headline-grabbing OS it used to be. We’ve moved on to Android Oreo and Android Pie, but some devices are still lagging behind. The Fairphone 2 just received Android Nougat, which wouldn’t be exciting, except for the fact it’s the only Snapdragon 801 device to do so.

The Fairphone 2 was released all the way back in 2015 with Android Lollipop. The unique thing about this device is the effort the company took to use as ethically sourced materials as possible. It has a modular design to make it easy to repair, rather than throwing the device away when something breaks. It’s designed to be able to last a long time, which makes software updates very important.


Back in 2016, Qualcomm announced it would not be providing support for the Snapdragon 801 on Android 7.0 Nougat. We wrote an in-depth article about why 801 devices were excluded from the Nougat update if you’re interested. The update process is not as simple as consumers might think.

Fairphone says they have spent around €500,000 to implement this update. They had to do their own development for the unsupported chip. And all that work is for only around 100,000 phones. The good news is this will allow the company to put out updates faster and easier. This shows that Fairphone is truly committed to making their phones last, even if not many have been sold.

Beyond the Snapdragon 801, the Fairphone 2 sports 2GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, 2,420 mAh battery, and a 5-inch 1080p display. Those specs are certainly not anything to write home about in 2018, but this is a 3-year old phone. Unfortunately, the price has not gone down if you’re interested in an ethical device, and there’s no word on a Fairphone 3. If you’re still trucking along with the Fairphone 2, go enjoy the Nougat update. A lot of work went into it.

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