XDA Basics: Can I use a fast charging adapter with my Qi wireless charger?

XDA Basics: Can I use a fast charging adapter with my Qi wireless charger?

As more smartphone manufacturers add support for the Qi wireless charging standard in their phones, Qi wireless chargers have become quite prevalent. If you have a phone or accessory that supports wireless charging, you may be considering buying a Qi-compatible charger. Some Qi wireless chargers come with their own power bricks, others don’t. So if you’re wondering whether attaching a fast charging adapter to your Qi wireless charger will make it charge your phone faster, the answer is yes and no.

Typically, the wireless chargers that don’t come with their own power adapters require you to connect a Quick Charge or high wattage power adapter to be able to provide a faster charging speed. But this doesn’t mean you can connect a 20W power adapter to a 10W wireless charger and get 20W wireless charging on your phone. The high wattage power adapter will only impact the charging speed of a wireless charger if the charger supports higher speeds.


How can I fast charge my phone & check if my phone supports it?

Wireless chargers include a number of safeguards, including OCP (overcurrent protection) and DPL (dynamic power limit), to stop the charger from passing too much current to a smartphone. These safeguards also make sure that the charger only delivers the precise amount of power that your smartphone or accessory can safely accept. If the wireless charger is capable of delivering more power, it’ll only get activated for the phone that supports faster wireless charging. This way, no harm comes to your wireless charger or your smartphone.

To find out whether your wireless charger’s charging speed can be increased by connecting it to a Quick Charge adapter, check its official documentation. If the documentation doesn’t mention any such thing, connecting to a fast charge adapter will make no difference to its maximum charging speed. It’s important to note here that if you connect a lower wattage power adapter to a wireless charger that supports fast charging, you will get charging speeds that are lower of the two on your phone. Thus, you have to make sure you connect the right power adapter.

Can I charge using both wired and wireless chargers at the same time?

Many consumers wonder if they plug in a wired charger to a phone and then put it on a wireless charger, will that somehow make the phone charger faster? The simple answer to this is no. You can’t connect your phone to both wired and wireless chargers and expect it to charge faster.

Samsung says when your phone is connected to both chargers, it will be charged only via the wired charger. It doesn’t matter which was connected first or second.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Qi Wireless Chargers

While a phone’s battery can accept multiple inputs, it’s controlled by a power management IC (integrated circuit), which makes sure the phone’s battery is charging in safe conditions. It’ll never allow the battery to charge from both sources.

How can I get faster wireless charging on my phone?

Unless both your phone and your wireless charger support faster wireless charging, you’re out of luck. As the technology is maturing, more and more phones are coming with support for some seriously fast wireless charging (over 15W). Most of these phones however use proprietary wireless charging technology over the Qi standard. So the significantly faster wireless charging only works with the faster wireless chargers from the same company.

Hopefully, we were able to answer some of your wireless charging queries. If you have any questions about wired fast charging technologies, check out our detailed guide explaining fast charging. If you own a Samsung Galaxy S21, we’ve also compiled some of the best chargers for your phone.

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