Fast Finder Helps to Quickly Locate Apps, Images, and Other Files on Your Phone

Fast Finder Helps to Quickly Locate Apps, Images, and Other Files on Your Phone

If you’ve got a lot of local files stored on your phone, sifting through everything to find a specific app, song, or contact can often prove to be a royal pain in the butt. There have been a number of apps and launchers released with the intent of making finding certain items among all of your files as easy as possible, and the latest app to do this is called “Fast Finder.”

Fast Finder recently made its debut on the Google Play Store, and it’s one of the most polished and functional apps along these lines that we’ve seen in quite some time.

When you open Fast finder, a search bar will pop up at the top of your screen with your keyboard to accompany it. Once you start typing, Fast Finder will look up any apps, songs, images, or other files stored on your phone. Results will immediately begin to pop up, and tapping on the item you’re looking for will immediately take you to it.


This basic search functionality works great, but Fast Finder takes things a step further. Typing “gif” into Fast Finder will show you any .gif files that are on your phone, but then you can even enter “gif cats” to see any GIFs you have saved of cats (assuming that they’re properly named as such).

In addition to this, Fast Finder also offers a decent amount of customization tools to play around with. You customize the main theme color of the app (Light, Dark, AMOLED), adjust the color of the Search Bar, and even change the shape of the app icon. Add all of this together with control over how the actual search function of Fast Finder works, and it’s quite impressive just how many elements you have control over. If you’re a fan of Nova Launcher, you can set to launch this app through a quick gesture too!

Download Fast Finder from the Google Play Store

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