Use Facebook Pictures as a LWP with Facebook View

Use Facebook Pictures as a LWP with Facebook View

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One of the best things that Android has always offered its users is the ability to tailor one’s device to look like pretty much anything we could conceive. Starting from the wide assortment of launchers available (both OEM and custom/community based) all the way to fonts, icons, and wallpapers, Android offers something for everyone. The world of live wallpapers has also seen the creativity of our devs by allowing us to interact with the background of our devices via visual effects all the way to letting our devices play a flawless game of Mario Bros all on its own. There are other LWPs that will allow you to make collages of your favorite photos, and even make them transition to new pictures for that “new phone” look every time you go Home.

And speaking of our picture stash, one of the undisputed, largest sources for pictures that we can think of in this day and age is undoubtedly Facebook. Family pictures, friends, and even memes—all can be found by simply logging into your account. And yes, you can download the pictures on your phone and use them as wallpaper. However, downloading picture after picture can be a somewhat tedious task, no matter how easy it is. If you are in this line of thought too, where you would like to use Facebook pictures as your wallpaper, then you definitely need to check out XDA Forum Member Solacetech‘s work.

FBView (Facebook View) is a LWP that will automatically use any and all pictures (at least the most recent ones) from your Facebook feed in order to create a collage of pictures with it. But wait (yell in Billy Mays’ voice), it gets better because the app is capable of updating your wallpaper’s pictures in predefined time intervals–all without your intervention. This way, you will never miss any of your friend’s jewels of wisdom despite being away from the Facebook app itself.

The app is still in its testing stages, and the dev is currently looking for feedback to make the app somewhat better. Do you have any ideas or maybe found a bug? Please report it to the thread and remember that logcats are your friends (as well as your dev’s friends also). You can find more information in Facebook View’s original thread.