FCC Documents Indicate the Nokia 8 with 6GB of RAM is Coming to the U.S.

FCC Documents Indicate the Nokia 8 with 6GB of RAM is Coming to the U.S.

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HMD Global has been reviving the Nokia brand since they announced their licensing agreement and many have been patiently waiting for their flagship smartphone. The Nokia 8 was officially announced last month but there was some details left out about all the markets it would be made available in. Initial reports indicated that it wouldn’t be released in the United States but then we started to see rumors that claimed the exact opposite.

With the 2017 Nokia flagship being released in multiple countries around the world already, fans in the United States were left wondering which reports to believe. The company’s official response was that it would be released “globally”, but avoided saying the United States when they were questioned about it. Instead, HMD Global chose to focus on the countries it was actively launching in at that time and even confirmed their devices would be updated to Android 8.0 Oreo.

The initial rumor about the Nokia 8 being released in the United States mentioned that HMD Global was working on a “customized” version for the market. This was a similar approach that they had with a previous smartphone that was released in China, and we’ve seen other OEMs release different versions of their smartphone in various markets before. So it seemed reasonable that HMD Global was making some changes to the device before releasing it in the country.

Now, documents found by NokiaPowerUser show the Nokia 8 has been certified by the FCC. Not only that, but it will come with 6GB of RAM, 128GB of internal storage, and that they’ve enabled ANT+ feature and WCDMA Band IV. While this does look like they are working to release it in the United States, it is far from an official confirmation. We’ve seen older Xiaomi devices certified by the FCC before as well and they have yet to release a device here.

Source: NokiaPowerUser