February 2019 security patches are out for the Google Pixel and Essential Phone

February 2019 security patches are out for the Google Pixel and Essential Phone

A fresh new month means it’s time for a fresh Android security update. Every month, Google releases security bulletins for Pixel devices and the Android ecosystem as a whole. Sadly, many Android devices do not receive monthly security updates. Google’s own Pixel devices, of course, receive the updates promptly, but the Essential Phone is also not far behind.

Android security updates can be boring sometimes, but it’s important to keep devices up to date. This month is particularly uneventful as there are no functional updates for the Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL, or other Google Pixel phones (the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P were dropped last month). There were 15 issues resolved in the February Android security patch, but there were no reports of customers being affected.

The OTA files and factory images for the Pixel devices can be found at the links below. Find the Android security files for your device and click “Link” to start the download. To flash the update manually without losing all of your data, follow the steps outlined in this tutorial. The OTA update for the Essential Phone has just started rolling out.

Device Factory Image OTA Files
Pixel 3 XL Link Link
Pixel 3 Link Link
Pixel 2 XL Link Link
Pixel 2 Link Link
Pixel XL Link Link
Pixel Link Link
Pixel C Link Link

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