Feed Your Gaming Addiction With Color Link

Feed Your Gaming Addiction With Color Link

As Android owner’s, we are fortunate to have choices to feed our addictions; new games become available for our devices almost daily. XDA member cubewalker has brought us yet another game to satisfy our needs. With its 5 different game modes to choose from, Color Link will have you jonesing for more.

There are 7×9 colorful squares on the board and players swap tiles of the same shape to match colors and clear them. Simple rule but hard to master!

There are 5 game modes:
1. Clear squares as fast as you can and keep survive in Time Mode.
2. Eliminate the bombs and go next level before they explode in Bomb Mode.
3. Eliminate the squares and move the special Bones to the bottom in Bone Mode.
4. Collect specific number of color in each level in Collect Mode.
5. Relax play in Endless Mode.

To satisfy your craving, visit the original thread to download Color Link.

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