File Quest: One File Manager to Rule Them All

File Quest: One File Manager to Rule Them All

I surely don’t have to mention that AOSP Android lacks a solid File Manager. That’s why users are forced to download external applications from the Play Store or XDA to get this functionality. Most of them are closed source and lack root privileges, so modifications are almost impossible without working some smali magic. Luckily, there are some interesting new offerings on the market.

XDA Forum Member anurag.dev1512 put his efforts to create an open source file manager with many cool features. In addition to the standard tasks that file manager should do, File Quest has some unique options. First of them is transparency, which makes it look quite different than most file managers. Superuser support gives an ability to modify the /system partition. But of course, your device must be rooted to provide full shell functionality. File Quest is still in the development, and many of features will be added in time. Being an open source projects has its perks as well, as people can contribute the code and make this project even better.

XDA has always supported open source projects. That’s why File Quest should be an interesting option for all Android enthusiast. If you are looking for a solid file manager, go to the application thread and give it a shot. Don’t hesitate to contribute to the project as well.

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