Files by Google adds support for browsing files on USB OTG drives

Files by Google adds support for browsing files on USB OTG drives

Despite there being many apps out there that provide easy access to Android’s file system, Google only recently made available their own file manager app. Released in November of 2017, Files Go was intended to help users of low-end Android Go devices better manage their storage. However, the app quickly became a hit for even non-Android Go users. The app has since been renamed to Files by Google, and has received numerous updates which brought features like a Material Theme redesign, a built-in media player, and more. Now, Google’s file manager app has been updated with USB On-The-Go (OTG) support.


For those who don’t know, USB OTG is a standard that allows your phone to act as a host for other USB devices like thumb drives, mice, and keyboards to connect it. Among the XDA community, USB OTG is particularly useful for flashing ROMs stored on a USB flash drive when unbricking a device that can’t be accessed via MTP. It’s also useful for when you have a large library of music or videos that you need to store on an external drive, so you can save your phone’s internal storage space.

Bringing support for USB OTG to Files by Google will make it easier for users to browse the content of their flash drives. We’re glad that Google has recognized the importance of their Android devices needing a proper file manager app, when so many other device makers have already offered a built-in solution for years now. Head to the Play Store listing of the application below to get the latest update which brings USB OTG support and the ability to view the full folder structure of any folder on your phone or connected storage.

Files by Google
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

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