Files by Google is getting a dark theme in its latest beta

Files by Google is getting a dark theme in its latest beta

Dark mode is one of the biggest new features of Android Q. It was requested by Android enthusiasts for many years, and Google finally included it in the next version of Android. Since then, many Google applications have adopted a dark theme such as the Phone app, Messages, Google Keep, Google Photos, Google Calendar, Google Chrome, and most recently, the Google App. Now another Google application is joining the party: Files by Google.

Files by Google is a file managing app with extra features like intelligently cleaning up your storage to free up space, offline app sharing, and more. The newest beta version includes a dark theme, but it is unfinished. You can see in the screenshots below that the coloring can obviously be improved in some elements of the UI. This will almost certainly be corrected when the feature reaches the stable channel.


Dark modes in Android apps are not only aesthetically superior (IMO) to lighter-colored UI schemes, but they also help improve battery life on devices with AMOLED displays as darker pixels require lower voltage.

The version of the Files by Google app which includes the dark theme is v1.0.252205711. You can hit up at the beta program at the Google Play Store link below to download the app.

Files by Google
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

Via: AndroidPolice

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