Files by Google now lets you hide recommendations for 7 days or more

Files by Google now lets you hide recommendations for 7 days or more

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When it was initially released, Files by Google was called “Google Files Go” because it was intended to help manage the storage on Android Go Edition devices. Because of its simplicity, clean design, and smart suggestions, the app gained widespread popularity outside of Android Go devices. It’s now available on the Google Play Store for any Android device, and with each new release, it gains functionality that makes it even better. Recently, the app was updated to add Google Cast support, but sometime recently, the app also added a small quality-of-life enhancement that went unnoticed: The ability to snooze recommendations.

In the “Clean” tab, the Files by Google app will show cards that recommend you take certain steps to reduce clutter or increase storage space on your device. For instance, if it detects “junk files,” which usually include temporary app files stored in the external storage, or duplicate files, you can have the Files by Google app quickly clean them up. If there is a certain recommendation that you don’t want to take action on, you can swipe the card away to temporarily dismiss it. However, the app will eventually resurface the recommendation, so you will have to manually dismiss it again.

Version 1.0.278928638 of Files by Google has added an overflow menu to each recommendation card with options to hide the card for 7 days or forever. If you want to view hidden suggestions, you can do so in Settings > Hidden suggestions.

This version of the Files by Google app is available for everyone on the Google Play Store right now. You can download the app from the link below. We checked and saw that the feature is live on multiple devices, so it seems to have rolled out for most users on the latest version. This is admittedly a minor tweak to the app, but one we thought was worth bringing up since it appeared in an APK teardown from 9to5Google.