Files Go by Google adds share tab, faster offline sharing, and file extraction

Files Go by Google adds share tab, faster offline sharing, and file extraction

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Google released Files Go as the company’s first smart storage app for Android back in November. The app is a pseudo-file manager, as it doesn’t have an option to browse the full contents of a device’s internal storage. Instead, it helps users clear unneeded files. In this respect, Files Go helps Google catch up to other OEMs who have already included a smart storage app in their custom UIs. The app’s functionality also includes offline file sharing — making it a competitor to third-party file sharing apps in Android.

In January, the app received its first major update, which added tablet support as well as filtering for files on the SD card. The update also allowed the user to set the default handler for file types, with the “Open with” dialog.

Now, Files Go has received another update which improves its offline sharing capabilities. There is a new Share tab on the bottom of the screen, along with the Clean and Browse tabs. The Share tab describes itself as “Fast file sharing without internet.” Offline file sharing enables users to share apps, documents, videos and more through Files Go. It requires a Wi-Fi hotspot to work, and is said to be secure. Google has also upgraded file sharing speeds to 455Mbps.

Finally, the update adds support for file extraction. File extraction is a feature that most third-party file managers already have, so it’s a bit surprising to see that it wasn’t part of Files Go at launch. Users can now extract the contents of ZIP files in order to view and open them.

Despite its minimalist functionality, Files Go has been a success for Google, as the app has already been downloaded more than 10 million times. However, the pace of adding features has been slow so far. Users needing to view the full contents of their storage directory still need to download a third-party file manager as of now. It’s unknown whether Google plans to fill up this functionality gap in Files Go. Here’s hoping that it becomes a full-featured first party file manager in Android.