Final Android Pie Emulator for Wear OS lets you test your app on the new design

Final Android Pie Emulator for Wear OS lets you test your app on the new design

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One of the best things about Android is that Google provides pretty much every tool and resource for developing all kinds of applications, whether it be for a phone, tablet, watch, or something else. Their big list of available resources contains Android Studio, platform tools, emulators, and all kinds of cool stuff. Any developer in the world can use them to design, develop, and test their applications. Now that Google has finally lived up to the claim of redesigning Wear OS and making the notifications better, they are releasing a Wear OS 2.1 Android Pie Emulator Image.

One of these environments has been emulators for a long time. Being a very big ecosystem which evolves in every way, there are all kinds of different devices and gadgets. It’s trivial to make sure that your application works on all of them to gain a bigger user base in various categories. For this, Android Studio has had built-in emulators for quite a long time. Developers can use their preferred settings to set up the emulator according to their needs.

To refresh your mind, Wear OS 2.1 includes new notifications stream to make them better and more useful, App Standby Buckets for better memory management, and various security improvements, as well as a redesign of course. You can download API 28 of Wear OS in Android Studio starting today to test all your apps for Android wearable devices. That way, you can make sure that all new features introduced in API 28 work well on your project.

Source: Android Developers Blog