Find and Fix Wi-Fi Problems with NetSpot Home, Now $19

Find and Fix Wi-Fi Problems with NetSpot Home, Now $19

In many homes and offices, there usually are some corners where Wi-Fi coverage gets a bit spotty. These dead spots are sometimes not that far from the router, making it even more frustrating when you can’t connect. Instead of moving your desk, it might be worth trying NetSpot Home. This useful desktop app helps you map Wi-Fi signal strength and local interference, so you can better understand your network. You can get the app now for $19 at the XDA Developers Depot.

The strength of the Wi-Fi signal around your house is influenced by where you place your router, and what wireless settings you select. By making a change, it’s possible to rectify the dead spots. However, it’s much easier to make corrections when you can see the effect of your actions.

NetSpot Home assists you by creating a visual heatmap of your Wi-Fi network. Areas of strong signal appear red, while weaker areas show as blue. By surveying your home or office this way, it’s easy to see what’s going on.

In addition, NetSpot Home lets you view all the wireless access points in your vicinity. This means you can see which routers are causing interference, and which channels are free.

With this deal, you can grab a lifetime license to NetSpot Home on Windows or Mac for $19..


NetSpot Home for Windows: Lifetime License – $19

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