Fingerprint Action Pro Lets You Control Your Device with Fingerprint Gestures

Fingerprint Action Pro Lets You Control Your Device with Fingerprint Gestures

Modern smartphones these days have a fingerprint sensor that can detect swipe gestures. The device doesn’t even need to support it via the OEM ROM, as long as the phone itself can detect the gesture input from the sensor. OEM ROMs that do support it are generally limited and typically only let you lower the notification panel or take a picture, so XDA Senior Member AnkitChowdhury came up with Fingerprint Action Pro for Android 8.0 Oreo devices to let you customize the different gestures of the fingerprint sensor. The gestures and actions supported can be found below.

Fingerprint Action Pro Features

Fingerprint Gestures Supported :

• Swipe Up
• Swipe Left
• Swipe Down
• Swipe Right
• Double Swipe Up
• Double Swipe Left
• Double Swipe Down
• Double Swipe Right

Actions Supported : 20 Actions

• Back
• Home
• Show Recent Apps
• Open Google Assistant
• Open Notification Panel
• Play/Pause Song
• Previous Song
• Next Song
• Show Power Dialog
• Toggle Split Screen
• Show Quick Settings
• Swipe Screen Left
• Swipe Screen Right
• Swipe Screen Up
• Swipe Screen Down
• Turn Flashlight On
• Brightness +
• Brightness –
• Audio +
• Audio –


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