Fingerprint Gestures App uses Android O’s new Accessibility APIs for Custom Actions

Fingerprint Gestures App uses Android O’s new Accessibility APIs for Custom Actions

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With Android O Developer Preview 3, developers now have access to the final Android O APIs. These APIs will find a place in the consumer release of Android O in a few months time, so developers could start working towards making sure their apps are compatible and take advantage of the new APIs.

One of the new APIs in Android O is the FingerprintGestureController. This API is part of the Accessibility Service and allows the service to capture the gestures performed on the fingerprint sensor. This does require a phone with a fingerprint sensor that is capable of detecting gestures, and of course, a phone that already has Android O available for it.

If you would like to see how users can take advantage of this new API, check out Fingerprint Gestures by CloudyDayApps, one of the first apps that uses this API. Fingerprint Gestures allows users to perform common actions using fingerprint gestures. These actions include many of the commonly used actions like Back, Home, Recents, Notifications, Quick Settings, Power Dialog, Split Screen, Scroll Up (beta) and Scroll Down (beta).

We tried out the app on a Google Pixel running Android O Developer Preview 3, and can confirm it works as intended. The existing Gesture functionality on the Pixels is limited, but you can utilize this app to extend it and make one-handed usage easier. Gestures supported are still limited to up, down, left and right swipe actions, but we hope more gesture actions are added to allow for more shortcuts.

Fingerprint Gestures is a paid app that costs $0.99, but is available for free until June 16, so you can check out the app without paying anything. Do make sure that you have a phone that supports these gestures and has Android O installed, as these are essential prerequisites for the app to work.

Have you tried out Fingerprint Gestures app? How can Google expand gesture functionality beyond the current options? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Check out Fingerprint Gestures App by CloudyDayApps