Firebase Featured in MightySignal’s Report on Fastest-Growing SDKs

Firebase Featured in MightySignal’s Report on Fastest-Growing SDKs

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Software Development Kits (SDKs) are a crucial part of developers’ workflows — they’re how developers program software for millions of devices. The Android SDK consists of Android Studio and the other tools required for developing on Android, and a new report from mobile intelligence startup MightySignal shows that eight of the top 20 Android SDKs in 2017 used Firebase, Google’s mobile app development program for iOS and Android.

MightySignal analyzed data from a wide range of Android and iOS applications to identify the key SDKs in use, and it identified a few common themes.

First, the report found that Android application developers generally opted to use app development platforms — i.e., do-it-all, all-in-one SDKs — as opposed to a specialized, signal-purpose tools. That category includes Firebase and HockeyApp (a product of Microsoft and Facebook), which supply analytics and other back-end features that streamline development, and Altbeacon, an SDK that allows developers to interact with the outside world via beacons.


Second, developers opted for ad networks as a monetization method above all others, according to MightySignal. The most popular ad networks were Google’s AdMobs and Verizon’s Flurry, and Facebook’s audience network showed the second-largest growth in 2017 year, behind Google’s AdMob.

Finally, developers are increasingly visualizing data from their applications with the use of SDKs such as MPAndroidChart, which collects telemetry and charts it on easy-to-understand graphs. Fitness apps and cryptocurrency apps can tap into them them, and the sky’s the limit — they can be used for just about anything.

So what’s the takeaway? MightySignal’s report shows that the mobile market is changing, but that some things are staying the same. Ad networks are still the preferred way developers make money, but developers are increasingly looking to develop with all-in-one SDKs and to visualize app usage data.

Source: MightySignal