New Firebase extensions let you quickly add e-commerce features to your app

New Firebase extensions let you quickly add e-commerce features to your app

Google’s virtual Firebase Summit 2021 kicked off today, and we’re getting some new features for Firebase. Google’s Firebase is a pretty comprehensive set of development tools. Its goal is to make app development and maintenance easier, with features like detailed crash reporting, user analytics, authentication, and storage. Google has been constantly working to improve Firebase, most recently announcing new extensions for Firebase at Google I/O 21. Now, there are even more extensions getting added. Developers are getting a wide range of extensions focused purely on e-commerce, including a Google Pay extension.

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If you’re unfamiliar, a Firebase extension is a pre-packaged piece of code for automating common development tasks. It’s essentially a way for developers to add functionality to their app in fewer steps. Google has now announced a ton of new e-commerce-related extensions. It’s possible to ship and track merchandise with ShipEngine, remind users that they abandoned their shopping carts with SendGrid emails or SMS messages via Twilio, and implement search on Cloud Firestore with Elastic. There’s even an all-new Google Pay extension, which can accept payments through multiple providers.

For more details, you can go to the Firebase Extensions page and install them from today. Google also released code for a sample app on GitHub that uses over 17 different Firebase Extensions, so that you can see it in action and even get inspired. There’s a deployed version too that you can view, and Google says that any accounts created on it are temporary and wiped every 24 hours. It’s just to show off the power of Firebase and what it can do.

In the same announcement, Google also mentioned that Stripe has added one-time payments and an SDK to their “Run Subscription Payments with Stripe” extension. They also launched a new feature that lets you accept more than 15 different payment methods including wallets, bank redirects, and “Buy now, Pay later” from within your app.

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