Firefox 66 blocks autoplaying videos by default and introduces scroll anchoring for smoother scrolling

Firefox 66 blocks autoplaying videos by default and introduces scroll anchoring for smoother scrolling

Way back in July of 2018, we caught a glimpse of an upcoming Firefox feature from the nightly version that would, eventually, make its way to the stable version. That was the option to disable autoplaying videos on websites across the internet, a much-requested feature. It gets even better, though, as blocking autoplaying videos (and audio) is now the default behavior of Mozilla Firefox. It’s active on both desktop and mobile, so the fix applies for both platforms so long as you’re on Firefox 66. On top of that, you’ll also get scroll anchoring which should make scrolling smoother. You can check out the full changelog for Android below. The changelog for Firefox desktop is even bigger.

New features

  • Firefox now prevents websites from automatically playing sound. You can add individual sites to an exceptions list or turn blocking off. To learn more about block autoplay, which will be rolled out gradually to all users, visit the Mozilla blog.
  • Smoother scrolling: Scroll anchoring keeps content from jumping as images and ads load at the top of the page
  • Added support to open files from external storage, such as an SD card


Scroll anchoring has been a long requested feature, though not as much as autoplaying media blocking. Have you ever tried to view a website only to have your page thrown around as images and other content continues to load? That’s what scroll anchoring aims to avoid by locking your position on the page so that content can load without affecting what you’re currently looking at.

Firefox is one of the most popular browsers on the Google Play Store and primarily competes with Google Chrome. It has a huge focus on privacy, with support for custom plugins that let you block advertisements, scripts, and more. If you want to give it a try, you can download it below.

Firefox Desktop Changelog Firefox Android Changelog

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