Firefox 85 for Android lets you play DRM content from Netflix, Amazon Prime Video

Firefox 85 for Android lets you play DRM content from Netflix, Amazon Prime Video

Mozilla rolled out Firefox 85 for PC and Android last week. While the update has an extensive changelog available for PC, the only change we knew about in Firefox 85 for Android was to make it easier to install extensions from But, as it turns out, Firefox 85 for Android includes another noteworthy change that enables DRM stream support on platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

As a recent report from GHacks points out, Mozilla has re-enabled the ability to play DRM-protected content on Firefox for Android with the latest update. The browser now features software compatibility with Google’s Widevine DRM, allowing you to stream up to 720p resolution HD content on platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.


Following the update, you will see a new prompt when you try to play DRM protected content on the aforementioned websites, asking you if you want to allow the website to play DRM-controlled content. You can tap on the ‘Allow’ button in the prompt to start playing DRM content in the browser. In case you want to change the setting at a later stage, you’ll have to navigate to Menu > Settings > Site permissions and set your preference. You can either block DRM-controlled content by default, allow it to play without any future interaction, or select the “Ask to allow” option to have the browser bring up the aforementioned prompt every time you try to play DEM-protected media on the website.

Along with DRM stream support, Firefox 85 for Android brings a few usability improvements, including memory optimizations and improvements to Top sites selection. Additionally, websites opened using a Collection link will no longer load content from the cache. This will ensure that you see updated content every time you open a website from a Collection link. Download the latest Firefox release for Android by following the Play Store link below.

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