Firefox 91 arrives with improved cookie protection, tab changes on Android, and much more

Firefox 91 arrives with improved cookie protection, tab changes on Android, and much more

Firefox is one of the few remaining browsers with its own rendering engine, as Opera, Brave, Edge, and others now utilize Google’s Chromium engine. However, Mozilla isn’t having much trouble keeping Mozilla competitive with other browsers, as Firefox is about as fast as Chrome and Edge in real-world usage. Firefox 90 arrived last month with new rendering features and the ability to save credit card information, and now Firefox 91 is starting to roll out.

Firefox 91 on the desktop updates the browser’s Total Cookie Protection, which confines cookies to the site where they were created, with fixes for various data leaks and other improvements. Mozilla has also flipped the switch on HTTPS by Default, which attempts to load all content over HTTPS unless it fails (then it will try again over insecure HTTP). Google started testing a similar feature for Chrome back in June.


Firefox 91 Desktop Changelog

  • Building on Total Cookie Protection, we’ve added a more comprehensive logic for clearing cookies that prevents hidden data leaks and makes it easy for users to understand which websites are storing local information.
  • Firefox now supports logging into Microsoft, work, and school accounts using Windows single sign-on.
  • The simplify page when printing feature is back! When printing, under More settings > Format select the Simplified option when available to get a clutter-free page.
  • HTTPS-First Policy: Firefox Private Browsing windows now attempt to make all connections to websites secure, and fall back to insecure connections only when websites do not support it.
  • The address bar now provides Switch to Tab results also in Private Browsing windows.
  • Firefox now automatically enables High Contrast Mode when “Increase Contrast” is checked on MacOS
  • Firefox now does catch-up paints for almost all user interactions, enabling a 10-20% improvement in response time to most user interactions.
  • The Visual Viewport API is now supported on desktop platforms.
  • Scots (sco) has been added as a locale.
  • Fixed various security issues.

Firefox 91 Android Changelog

  • New installs will see a “Set Firefox as your default browser” message on their notification pane.
  • Added eBay Search to help users with their shopping needs.
  • In order to improve tab navigation, the default layout of the tabs tray was changed from List View to Grid View.
  • The default autoplay setting has been updated to Blocking Audio Only.
  • Opting out of telemetry will now also erase all previously collected usage data.
  • Password fields no longer automatically start with capital letter with the Samsung keyboard
  • Fixed various security issues.

The Android browser now uses a grid view as the default layout for the tabs tray, but the option for list view isn’t going anywhere. eBay is also now available as a search engine option, just like the desktop app has offered for a while. Finally, Firefox for Android is matching Chrome’s behavior of blocking audio in auto-playing videos by default, instead of blocking video and audio auto-play.

You can download Firefox for desktop platforms from the browser’s official website. The Android version is available on the Google Play Store.

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