Firefox 94 starts rolling out with new homepage on iOS and Android

Firefox 94 starts rolling out with new homepage on iOS and Android

Mozilla Firefox has been one of the best web browsers available for nearly two decades now, and the mobile versions carry over most of the features found in the desktop browser (with some caveats for extensions). Firefox 94 starts rolling out today on desktop and mobile platforms, and even though new APIs for web developers to use are always fun, the most exciting changes this time around might be on iOS and Android.

Before this new update, the homepage on Firefox’s mobile browsers only had links to your commonly-visited websites (similar to the top of Chrome’s New Tab Page) and a space for Collections, where you could save tabs for later organization. Mozilla is reorganizing the homepage in Firefox 94, with new sections for recent tabs and recent bookmarks, in addition to the same frequently-visited sites. There are also options for each section in the Firefox app settings, in case you don’t want some (or all) of them.


“With this new Firefox homepage,” Mozilla said in its announcement, “we wanted to lift that heavy mental burden of remembering to finish those halfway read articles or vacation research until you are ready to jump back and finish those tasks. We’ve simplified and organized your on-the-go mobile experiences into one central location, complete with new features to help you ignore the online noise and focus on what matters to you.”

Besides the updated homepage, Firefox 94 on mobile has a new feature for tab management. Tabs that haven’t been looked at in 14 days now get moved to an inactive section, so they don’t clutter up the tabs you’re actually using. Firefox (at least on Android) already had an option to automatically close tabs after a day, week, or month, but this way you don’t actually lose anything. The new functionality is coming to Android now and later to iOS, and you can turn it off if you prefer to hoard tabs.

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