Firefox 96 improves noise cancellation on calls, bookmarks on Android, and more

Firefox 96 improves noise cancellation on calls, bookmarks on Android, and more

Firefox is one of the few web browsers left with a non-Chromium rendering engine engine, giving Mozilla the ability to try out new web features and low-level performance changes in a way that most other browsers can’t (without essentially becoming a fork, anyway). Firefox 95 rolled out last month with new security features and some macOS enhancements, and now Firefox 96 is officially available.

Firefox 96 on desktop platforms (via TechDows) should be better than ever for video and audio calls, as Mozilla has “made significant improvements” to noise suppression, automatic gain control, and echo cancellation. Many communication platforms have their own noise cancellation technology, but if you happen to use a service that doesn’t, Firefox should at least help a little bit. Firefox also now uses the “Same-Site=lax” HTTP header by default when receiving data, which improves security.


Firefox 96 Desktop Changelog

New features

  • We’ve made significant improvements in noise-suppression and auto-gain-control as well as slight improvements in echo-cancellation to provide you with a better overall experience.
  • We’ve also significantly reduced main-thread load.
  • Firefox will now enforce the Cookie Policy: Same-Site=lax by default which provides a solid first line of defense against Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) attacks.


  • On macOS, command-clicking links in Gmail now opens them in a new tab as expected.
  • Our newest release fixes an issue where video intermittently drops SSRC.
  • It also fixes an issue where WebRTC downgrades screen sharing resolution to provide you with a clearer browsing experience.
  • Plus, we’ve fixed video quality degradation issues on certain sites.
  • Detached video in fullscreen on macOS has been temporarily disabled to avoid some issues with corruption, brightness changes, missing subtitles and high cpu usage.
  • Various security fixes

Firefox 96 on Android isn’t quite as substantial of an update, but there are still a few welcome changes. The home page has higher-quality icons for recent bookmarks, and some interface elements have been fixed or improved. Nothing major, but definitely

Firefox 96 Android Changelog

New features

  • We’ve added history highlights to recently visited sites.
  • Firefox will now display better images for recent bookmarks on the home page.


  • “Fill link from clipboard” has been improved for Android 12.
  • Now, selecting ‘search group’ in ‘Jump back in’ switches to an active tab.
  • We’ve fixed an interface problem where private tabs were displayed as normal tabs.
  • The history delete button is now correctly labeled for screen readers.
  • Duplicate history items are now merged.
  • A rare crash when browsing bookmarks is now fixed.
  • Deleted search groups are now repopulated after interacting with their tabs.
  • You’ll now find Search Groups in Jump Back In will not also display in Recently Searched.
  • You can now dismiss the keyboard when scrolling Home behind search dialog for a clearer, smoother experience.

You can download Firefox for desktop platforms from Mozilla’s website, and it’s available on the Play Store for Android devices. Mozilla also recently made Firefox available on the Microsoft Store for Windows PCs.

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