Firefox is adding password autofill support on Android

Firefox is adding password autofill support on Android

Firefox is undoubtedly one of the best web browsers for Android. It offers a ton of handy features that make it a great alternative to Google Chrome. And its latest update adds another useful feature to the mix — password autofill support. The feature will roll out with Firefox 93 for Android, and it will give you quick access to passwords saved in the browser.

It’s quite normal to forget complex passwords for multiple different accounts. This leads to many internet users setting simple, easy-to-guess passwords on websites or, worse, using the same password on multiple websites. Firefox wants to prevent this by giving you an in-built password manager to store all your passwords and secure them with your biometrics. While this isn’t something new, Firefox is taking it a step ahead by letting you autofill passwords in other third-party apps as well.


While several browsers can store your passwords, you’re restricted to using those saved passwords within the browser itself. Firefox is removing that limitation with its latest update, which means it can act as your system-wide password manager. Whenever you’re asked to enter a password, you will be shown a drop-down menu where you can choose Firefox as the option, after which your saved password for that service will be auto-filled. There’s a new Autofill in other apps setting that you will need to enable from Settings > Logins and passwords to access this feature.

Firefox passwords

When you create an account on any website via your smartphone, Firefox will give you the option to store the password for that account on your device. You can then input this saved password when you want to log in the next time. It’s quite impressive that you can use the stored passwords to log into the corresponding apps without needing a dedicated password manager app.

Firefox password auto-fill

For example, if you’ve stored the password of your Instagram account on the browser, you will get an option to auto-fill that saved password when trying to sign in via the Instagram app on your phone. As mentioned earlier, your passwords will be protected by your biometrics. This is a good initiative by Firefox as users who do not wish to get a dedicated password manager can still store their passwords securely. The feature will start rolling out to users with Firefox 93 starting October 5.

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