Firefox for Android’s Enhanced Tracking Protection will soon block redirect tracking

Firefox for Android’s Enhanced Tracking Protection will soon block redirect tracking

Mozilla rolled out Firefox 79 for Android earlier this year, introducing nearly a year’s worth of changes to the browser. However, the update was met with criticism from users as it was missing several crucial features that were previously available in the browser. Since then, Mozilla has rolled out two updates for the browser, bringing back some of the features that were removed in version 79 and adding a few new ones. But Mozilla isn’t done adding new features to the browser yet. According to a recent report from Techdows, the company is now working on bringing Enhanced Tracking Protection (ETP) v2.0 to Firefox for Android.


For the unaware, Enhanced Tracking Protection v2.0 is a new feature that was introduced in Firefox for Desktop earlier this year. The feature is already available on Firefox for Android on the Nightly channel as part of a “Strict Tracking Protection.” The feature includes a new option to block redirect tracking, which will prevent websites from building a long-term profile of your online activity by completely clearing any cookies and site data stored by known trackers.

As Mozilla explains, “When you first visit a redirect tracker it can store a unique identifier in its cookies. Any redirects to that tracker during the 24 hour window will be able to associate tracking data with that same identifying cookie. However, once ETP 2.0’s cookie clearing runs, the identifying cookies will be deleted from Firefox and you’ll look like a fresh user the next time you visit the tracker.”

In case you wish to try out ETP v2.0 on your device, you can download the latest Firefox Nightly for Android from the link below. To enable the feature, you’ll need to tap on the 3-dot icon in the browser to open settings and select Enhanced Tracking Protection in the following menu. Finally, choose the ‘Strict’ option in ETP to block redirect trackers on the browser.

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