Firefox for Android Nightly adds 8 new Extensions, including Bitwarden, Adguard, and Ghostery

Firefox for Android Nightly adds 8 new Extensions, including Bitwarden, Adguard, and Ghostery

Mozilla rolled out Firefox 79 for Android with a boatload of changes towards the end of July this year. But the update wasn’t well-received as it removed some key features that were previously available on the browser. Since then, Mozilla has rolled out two updates for the browser, bringing back some of the features that were removed in version 79 and adding a few new ones. The company has also started testing Enhanced Tracking Protection on the browser, and now, it has added support for 8 new extensions on the Firefox for Android Nightly channel.

As per a recent report from Techdows, Firefox for Android currently supports 11 extensions, including UBlock Origin, HTTPS Everywhere, Privacy Badger, NoScript Security Suite, Dark Reader, Decentraleyes, Search by Image, YouTube Hight definition, Privacy Possum, Video Background Play Fix, and Google Search Fixer. Now, with the latest nightly release, Mozilla has added support for the following extensions:

  • Foxproxy: A proxy management tool
  • Bitwarden Password Manager
  • Adguard: A popular ad-blocking extension
  • Ghostery: A privacy extension that stops trackers and blocks ads
  • Image Search options: An extension that adds a customizable reverse image search tool to the browser
  • Web Archives: An extension that allows users to view archived webpages from Wayback Machine, Google, Bing, etc.
  • Tomato Clock: An online time management extension
  • Leech Block: A productivity tool which blocks websites that are known to waste users’ time

The extensions mentioned above are supported in the latest Firefox for Android Nightly release. Mozilla is expected to extend support to the stable channel later this year in November. If you’re interested in using these extensions on your device, you can download the latest Firefox Nightly update from the Play Store link below and then install the extensions from the add-ons section in the browser.

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