Firefox follows Chrome by adding option to block auto-playing video/audio

Firefox follows Chrome by adding option to block auto-playing video/audio

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What’s the most annoying thing websites put on the internet? If you didn’t answer “auto-playing videos and audio,” sorry, but you’re mistaken. As of Firefox Nightly Edition version 63.0a1, you can now block automatically playing video and audio from within your settings. The web browser previously blocked automatically playing audio from advertisements, but now it’s taking another step, which follows Google Chrome.

If you’re a Firefox user, you have a few options when visitng a website that has an automatically playing video. You can block all auto-playing media, receive a pop-up warning on a website that wants to, or just allow everything. You probably don’t want to choose that last one, though.

But when can we expect to see it trickle down to the stable channel? Obviously, not everyone wants to use unstable, nightly software. Well, it’s set for release with Firefox 63 which, according to Mozilla, launches October 23rd. That is subject to change based on any problems which may arise in development between now and then. The update also included greater tracking protection, where you can choose what exact client-side scripts can run on your device. One of these new additions includes the blocking of cryptojacking, where your computer is used to mine a cryptocurrency through your browser. User fingerprinting scripts are also now blocked by default.

Google Chrome has had this ability since April of this year, and even earlier on mobile. While Google Chrome does make up the vast majority of users (on desktop and mobile), Firefox still has a significant market share. If enough browsers block auto-playing videos by default, then hopefully we can have this common “feature” of websites die out.

Via: AndroidPolice