Firefox to Drop Support for Adobe Flash with v56 Update

Firefox to Drop Support for Adobe Flash with v56 Update

Many people praised Android for its continued support of Flash when other competitors refused to allow it on their platform. However, recently we’ve seen a shift to the point where even Adobe says they’re ending support for Flash in the next three years. The latest beta of Firefox from Mozilla has been released and it will be the first major release to finally drop support for Flash. The stable version of this update is scheduled to be released before the end of the month.

Android has a whole has slowly been moving away from Flash for years now. Looking all the way back to 2012, Android 4.1 was the first major version to lose official support for the Flash plugin. Since then, it was up to the individual browser to decide if they wanted to support it or not. Chrome has already disabled automatic support for it across all of their platforms and will require the user to enable the permission for individual websites they want to use it on.

Just like Adobe, Google is completely stopping support for Flash in Chrome (including this opt-in method) by the end of 2020. For years, Flash enabled websites to deliver content and features that many didn’t even think were possible on a website. As HTML has evolved though, Flash is becoming less and less of a requirement and it’s simply too much of a security risk. Many will be sad to see it go while others will be happy they don’t have to worry about it anymore.

Firefox is the latest popular web browser to move against or away from Flash and that’s happening with version 56. This update is currently in beta, but it is expected to reach the stable branch sometime this month. It’s also the first update to require version Android 4.1 or higher, so naturally it makes sense that Mozilla would be dropping support for a feature that isn’t officially supported.

Source: AndroidPolice

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