Firefox Focus Gains Support for Better Notifications, Downloads, and Full Screen Videos

Firefox Focus Gains Support for Better Notifications, Downloads, and Full Screen Videos

Just about a month ago, Mozilla released its Firefox Focus browser for Android. Firefox Focus is a very minimal browser, with its primary focus on providing you as much privacy and security as possible. As well as Focus works in regards to keeping your web browsing safe and private, it’s been lacking some key features since it first launched.

Firefox Focus recently crossed one million downloads on Android, and in celebration of this milestone, Mozilla is releasing three new user-requested features: Full screen videos, file download support, and updated notification actions.

Watching videos is a big part of browsing the web for a lot of people, and as such, the addition of full screen videos should make a big difference when using Firefox Focus. The app previously didn’t allow users to expand videos within the browser to fit the entirety of their phone’s screen, and while Focus does support most popular video sites, YouTube is the exception to this rule until Google releases a bug fix for this issue. That should hopefully be resolved soon.

Download support is pretty much what it sounds like – you can now download files of all kinds no matter what website you’re on. This might seem like a basic feature of any browser, but it’s one that Firefox Focus has been lacking up until this point. And, lastly, updated notification actions now show a shortcut for opening up the Firefox Focus browser in addition to regular reminders to erase your browsing history.

All of these new features can be found in the latest update to Mozilla’s privacy-centered browser, and said update is now available to download from the Google Play Store. With more and more updates, Focus is evolving past its initial release as a privacy oriented browser that you might use for the occasional web surfing session, and is quickly becoming a full-fledged browser in its own right.

Source: Mozilla

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