Firefox Focus Update Adds Quicker Way to Access Most-Visited Sites

Firefox Focus Update Adds Quicker Way to Access Most-Visited Sites

Mozilla’s Firefox Focus, which came to iOS a little over a year ago, launched on Android in June. It’s the company’s privacy-focused answer to the growing trend of invasive ad tracking, and since launch, it’s been quite successful.

The newest version makes it easier to navigate to websites you visit often with URL Autocomplete, a feature that tries to guess at what you’re typing before you finish typing it. It’s like URL predictions in Chrome’s address bar.

Mozilla’s goal with Firefox Focus was to marry enhanced privacy protection with a minimalistic interface. The result was a web browser that doesn’t have a lot of the full-fledged Firefox’s features, but that boasts a built-in ad blocker, simple search engine, and one-button tool that deletes activity logs. When Mozilla says Firefox Focus is a minimalistic web browser, it means it.

The team at Mozilla’s been careful not to compromise on its vision, but it hasn’t been shy about polishing things here and there. A month after its Android release, a Firefox Focus update brought support for better notifications, downloads, and full-screen videos.

Source: Mozilla Blog

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