Firefox Preview adds support for addons/extensions in the latest Nightly

Firefox Preview adds support for addons/extensions in the latest Nightly

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Mozilla released an early version of its new browser for Android back in June last year. The new browser, called Firefox Preview, is built on top of Firefox’s mobile browser engine GeckoView and it’s meant to replace the older Firefox browser on the platform. Back in October last year, Mozilla announced that it was working on bringing extension support to GeckoView through the WebExtensions API. However, the Firefox Preview v3.0 update that followed next month didn’t include the feature. Now, according to recent posts on Reddit, the feature is finally rolling out with the latest Firefox Preview Nightly.

You can now install the popular uBlock Origin extension in the latest version of Firefox Preview Nightly on Android. To do so, you’ll first need to update Firefox Preview to the latest nightly build by following the Play Store link below. Once you’ve installed the update, you’ll have to tap on the three-dot menu icon in the bottom right corner, tap on Settings and then select Add-ons from the Advanced section. Here you’ll find the uBlock Origin add-on which you can install by tapping on the + icon right next to it and then selecting Add in the following pop-up. After the add-on is downloaded, you should see a notification that uBlock Origin has been installed successfully. You can then configure the extension by tapping on it in the Add-ons menu and selecting Settings in the following window.

Do note that since this is a nightly release of Firefox Preview you might encounter some bugs and a few features might not work as intended. As some users on the Reddit thread point out, Firefox Preview may also crash when accessing certain uBlock Origin pages. I installed the browser on my Realme X2 Pro and enabled uBlock Origin without any issues, however, the uBlock Origin settings aren’t as responsive as you’d expect. As of now, Mozilla hasn’t announced when extension support will roll out to the stable version of the browser, but you can expect to see support for more extensions in the nightly version in the following weeks.

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