Firefox Private Network will soon go public as Mozilla VPN with Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, and Linux clients

Firefox Private Network will soon go public as Mozilla VPN with Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, and Linux clients

Mozilla Corp., the organization behind popular Firefox web browser, has been working on its own paid VPN service since last year. The service, called Firefox Private Network, was launched in beta last year as a browser extension for desktop versions of Firefox web browser that was followed by an Android app in February this year. Now, the service is set to be renamed as Mozilla VPN and launched as a standalone and system-wide VPN service for Android, iOS, Windows, ChromeOS, macOS, and Linux platforms over the next few weeks.

As per a blog post, Mozilla VPN will move out of the beta and be available as a standalone service later this year starting with select regions, which will definitely include the U.S. The VPN will be available for $4.99 per month and you will be able to use up to five devices with the same account. Mozilla mentions this pricing is only for a limited time but has not clarified whether the price will be increased or new plans introduced for fewer devices. Meanwhile, the price for the VPN extension for Firefox has been set at $2.99 per month. While the Android, iOS, Windows, and Chromebook clients will be available initially, Mozilla is also working on Mac and Linux clients which have also been requested by the beta testers.


The service, in its current form as Firefox Private Network, is powered by Mullvad VPN and has servers in more than 30 countries. It runs on WireGuard standard that offers more privacy and better performance as compared to traditional standards like OpenVPN. being a new protocol, it may not be as stable as the legacy ones.

Mozilla, unlike other web browser creators like Opera, isn’t offering the service for free. They claim that a paid service will allow the organization to continue offering the service without profiting from users’ data.

If you want to be a part of the beta testing or express interest for the service to be available in your region, you can join the waitlist by signing up on this page.

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