Firefox Quantum Released, Bringing Lower Memory Usage and Faster Loading Speeds

Firefox Quantum Released, Bringing Lower Memory Usage and Faster Loading Speeds

We covered the upcoming release of Firefox Quantum last month, with version 57 containing Firefox Quantum slated for a November release. Now the time has come and Firefox Quantum has been launched to the stable channel for everyone to use on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS. Claiming to be over twice as fast, users should love this update. Firefox are calling this their biggest release since the original version 1.0 in 2004. That’s how confident they are in their new release.

Photon UI in Firefox Quantum

Firefox Quantum has true multi-core support along with highly decreased RAM usage. It also launches with the new UI system called “Photon UI”, a result of a team of researchers who found how people used the web and created (what they believe to be) one of the best UIs possible. They made sure that the UI would look great on any device, irrespective of the screen size, resolution or panel.

firefox quantum photon ui

Photon UI also includes redesigned menus, included time and date widgets for websites and a new autofill feature. Even more, you can actually search through the preferences menus which was not possible on version 56 or earlier. A fun fact, Firefox claims that there are 265,252,859,191,742,656,903,069,040,640,000 ways to rearrange and customise the new toolbar!

Firefox Quantum – The Next Generation in Web Browsing?

Firefox Quantum also makes a bold claim – that it’s the next generation browser. With the new Quantum CSS engine written in Rust and the developers taking the best parts from the Servo parallel browser engine project, Firefox now claims to have one of the best CSS rendering engines around. Firefox version 57 is said to be more than twice as fast as Firefox version 56 according to Speedometer 2.0. There’s a lot more that you can find if you look into it, but really the only thing that matters is if it’s good or not. Check out the official press release down below, and try Firefox Quantum for yourself!

Firefox Version 57: Project Quantum

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