Firewater Devs Show the HTC U11 S-OFF has been Achieved

Firewater Devs Show the HTC U11 S-OFF has been Achieved

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HTC devices have a unique security layer built into their phones that is labeled either S-ON or S-OFF. When an HTC device is flagged as S-ON, various properties are protected from being permanently modified. This is why many enthusiasts opt for S-OFF, so they can get rid of all restrictions and modify protected partitions with zips not signed by HTC, which allows them to flash radios and custom hboots, and convert their device to a different (more updated!) edition of the same phone. The developers over at Firewater have just shown S-OFF has been achieved on the new HTC U11.

This news comes to us from XDA Senior Recognized Developer beaups as he published a photo that shows it has been achieved over on the firewaterdevs Twitter account. It does not mean the tools are available to the public right now, and doesn’t mean it will be released to the public in short order.

Because while something like this has been achieved, that doesn’t mean it can be packaged up in a nice tool that can be easily performed by the enthusiast community at large. Assuming this does get released in some form or another, then we should see it spark some community support from other developers in the form of custom kernels, custom ROMs and more. We’ll just have to wait it out and see how things progress and if we see it released to the public.

For now, we look forward to seeing what beaups is able to do with this new method and hope it can be packaged up for the community. We’re already seeing some community support from developers in our subforum right now, and this would just spark even more if it gets released.

Source: @firewaterdevs