Chainfire Announces, a Website Hosting Stock Boot and Recovery Images

Chainfire Announces, a Website Hosting Stock Boot and Recovery Images

If you’ve ever tried to search for stock images to fastboot flash on your device, it can be pretty annoying. Having to navigate old XDA threads trying to find the right version can be a complete pain as very few companies, other than ones like Google and OnePlus, actually release their stock images. To help tackle this problem for users, XDA Senior Recognized Developer Chainfire has announced his newest project called

It contains all of the stock images he has been able to get his hands on over the years (which is a lot). How it works is simple, just open the website and search for your device. A list of files including their MD5 and SHA-1 hashes and file size will be available for you to peruse. Users can submit their own files and folders too! If you find that a device isn’t in the repository but you have the files for it, simply submit them through the option labeled “Dropbox” on the home page.



Currently, only the desktop version of the website is available. When you visit the site on your phone, you are greeted with a prompt stating that the mobile version/app is in the works. Not a huge deal at the moment, but it’ll certainly be nice when it launches!

CF Auto Root on

This is probably the coolest part of the website. When you find the device you want and you have chosen the file package, you can select the “CF Auto Root” option, which will pre-package root with your download. Not only that, you can customize various system aspects apart from root. You can change the installation mode, existence of suhide, encryption settings, factory reset protection, and even selinux mode!

Go check out the site, look for your device and see what you think, and please submit any files you have for devices that may not be in the repository yet!

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