First Booting Build of CyanogenMod 13 Shown Off on Exynos-based Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

First Booting Build of CyanogenMod 13 Shown Off on Exynos-based Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

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Let us start off by saying that the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are remarkable devices by themselves as far as hardware goes. They are among the best Android phones that one can purchase in all major markets of the world. The devices provide a decent user experience for a normal consumer, and the sales figures of the phones stand in testimony to its popularity.

But, if you did purchase the Galaxy S7 or the S7 Edge in parts of the world where the Exynos variant is being sold, that means that your S7/Edge is much less likely to see proper AOSP-based ROMs. The Exynos SoC family is not developer-friendly, and there is a good chance that most Exyno devices will never see a very stable AOSP-based ROM experience, even if avid developers manage to get the ROM to boot.

However, the world is built on hope and dreams. And a dream of several XDA members that own the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is to see a working build of CyanogenMod 13 on their device. And XDA Senior Member sktjdgns1189 is hard at work trying to make that dream a reality. For now, the developer has managed to boot up CM13 on his Galaxy S7 Edge, and has mentioned that sound works. This is the extent of progress that we are privy to, as there are no files for downloading and testing things out ourselves yet. The developer has posted a quick 5 second video on his personal blog as a “proof of concept” sorts.


We are a bit wary of calling this even a Beta or Alpha ROM, simply because we do not know the true extent of current progress as well as the future scope of the project, given that it is Exynos and that all we see is early footage. But it is what it is, a glimmer of hope in the sea of TouchWiz.

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