First In-Display Fingerprint Scanner Reportedly Shipping on a Vivo Smartphone

First In-Display Fingerprint Scanner Reportedly Shipping on a Vivo Smartphone

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A few days ago, we reported on the fact that Synaptics was partnering with a “top 5” OEM to bring in-display fingerprint scanning, dubbed “Clear ID” (FS9500) by Synaptics themselves. Clear ID itself was announced about a year ago, but until now we’ve not heard much about it. We now know who that OEM is thanks to a report from Forbes –– Vivo, one of China’s largest smartphone manufacturers.

Synaptics are the first company to carry on mass-production of in-display fingerprint sensors. This is an important development that’ll likely contribute to a small paradigm shift in smartphone design, alongside a better user experience and possibly reduced bezels for those OEMs who still prefer fingerprint scanners on the front. That design decision is preferred by many users as well,  as they don’t need to enter their PIN, pattern or password when the phone is lying flat on the table. It also eliminates the need for a Face ID type face scanning, which also doesn’t work quite as well when the phone is resting on a flat surface.

We will be seeing the device for the first time at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Other Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) have been rumoured to be working on their own in-display fingerprint scanners too, including Vivo themselves only a few months ago. They had collaborated with Qualcomm and at MWC Shanghai 2017, they presented a device using ultrasonic scanning to scan a fingerprint on the screen. Now, it seems, Vivo will be offering a solution powered by Synaptics.

We can expect an announcement sometime in 2018, after its first demonstration at CES 2018. We have no idea what to expect in regards to design or specifications, but it’s likely that Vivo will offer a full-screen device with minimal bezels and flagships specifications.

Source: Forbes